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Comfort & Convenience in Coquitlam

Here are a few of the ways we aim to enhance the comfort and convenience of your visit to us!

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Online Request Forms

Let’s Be Environmentally Friendly

Requesting an appointment online is easy. Simply fill out our appointment request form, and we will confirm your appointment as soon as we can. If you have questions about the process, call us during business hours. We are always happy to help!

Our Location

Combine a Trip to the Dentist With a Day At the Mall

Coquitlam City Dentist is conveniently located in the Coquitlam Centre Mall, which boasts over 150 stores and restaurants to provide the perfect shopping experience. We are a five-minute walk from Coquitlam Central Station, and if you travel by car, there is ample parking at the mall.

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Digital Reminders

Life Is Busy, and We’re Here to Help

We offer timely reminders for your upcoming dental appointments through emails, calls, or texts, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing a handwritten postcard and missing your appointment. Just let us know what type of reminder works best for you.


Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We don’t expect you to stare at the ceiling or be blinded by the overhead lights during treatment. We want you to sit back and relax, which is why every operatory is equipped with sunglasses and an overhead TV so you can enjoy your visit with us.

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smiling man at the dentist

Topical Gel

Making Treatments More Comfortable

Experience the effect of our high-strength numbing gel to make your treatment more comfortable. This gel numbs the surface of your gums, making it easier for our dentist to finish the numbing process, and reduces the pinching sensation of the needle.

Air Purification

Providing Cleaner Air for All Patients

We prioritize patient health, which is why we have invested in hospital-grade air purifiers to ensure the safety of our patients and visitors. These purifiers are located in the lobby and every treatment room so you can have peace of mind during your visit.

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New Patients Welcome

Take Care Of Your Oral Health & Book Your Dental Hygiene Appointment Today