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Comprehensive Oral Exams in Coquitlam

Oral exams are used to determine overall dental health, bring attention to any issues, and conduct routine procedures such as X-rays. These exams ensure that everything is okay in your mouth, and if something is wrong, your dentist can spot it and start treatment as soon as possible. Catching issues early on is key as it allows for the widest range of treatment options.

New Patients

As a new patient, your first oral exam at Coquitlam City Dentist will be a little more in-depth. Your dentist needs to get a sense of who you are, and that includes understanding your medical and dental history, conducting X-rays, and examining the mouth in full. Afterwards, your dentist will discuss the exam with you and how to move forward with specific treatments or preventative measures to keep your oral health in good shape.

Oral Exams for Children

Many parents wonder when to start bringing their children in to see the dentist. It’s a good idea for their first visit to take place as baby teeth start coming in. Then you can stay on track as your child grows to make sure everything is developing as it should and to teach proper oral hygiene practices early.

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