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Sometimes dental issues are an emergency and need attention from a doctor or dentist immediately, even without an appointment or after hours. Fast treatment can help prevent future complications. By getting to the dentist fast enough, a knocked-out tooth could be put back in place. Should an emergency arise, Coquitlam City Dentist does have after-hours contact information to connect you with emergency dental care.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Knowing more about what qualifies as a dental emergency and what doesn’t is important. Any injury to your mouth that involves severe pain or blood should be treated as an emergency. A severe toothache or cracked tooth may also require booking an appointment as soon as possible but may not be considered an urgent emergency. If you’re unsure how urgent your situation is, give our office or the emergency line a call.

What Should You Do in a Dental Emergency?

In any dental emergency, we advise you to remain calm and assess the situation. Use a damp, clean cloth to stop bleeding, rinse injuries with clean, warm water, and save any knocked-out teeth. Then, call our office or the emergency line as soon as possible for direction on whether to come in the same day for an emergency appointment, to come in a day or two later, or to seek urgent emergency attention.

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