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Orthodontics is a specialization within dentistry, but it is something we can help you with at Coquitlam City Dentist. Having a straight smile is not so far from reach! Misaligned teeth and jaws are quite common, and solutions are available, from traditional orthodontics to Invisalign and clear aligner therapy. Your treatment plan will vary based on your specific situation, so to get your alignment journey started, speak with your dentist at your next appointment.


Clear Aligner Therapy

These nearly invisible aligners help straighten your teeth without anyone knowing until one day they realize you have a perfect smile! They are a completely removable form of orthodontics and are relatively comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. People of all ages can receive aligner therapy to correct misalignments, and both simple and complex orthodontic issues can be solved.

smiling man at the dentist
smiling man at the dentist

Invisalign® Treatment

For years, Invisalign has been patients’ top choice for orthodontic realignment and clear aligner therapy. With 3D scanning, it’s quick to get started, and it’s easy to maintain throughout the process! Like other clear aligner therapies, the aligners can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. To clean them, simply remove, clean, and brush your teeth as normal. As long as you wear them as your orthodontist recommends, your smile will be perfectly aligned in no time.

Traditional Orthodontics

Despite the popularity of Invisalign and clear aligner therapy, traditional metal bracket and wire braces are still very common. Wires are threaded through brackets and tightened over time to move the teeth to their correct positions. Everyone’s mouth is unique, but braces are typically worn for at least a year or two. However, the better they are taken care of, the sooner they may be able to come off.

young girl with metal braces

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