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Dentures aren’t uncommon, and they’re not just for seniors, either. They are great restorative options for people of all ages since tooth loss can happen to everyone. Dentures can be partial or complete as well as temporary or permanent but are overall a great solution for mouth restoration and function. With dentures, you can smile, eat, and speak more confidently.

What are Dentures?

Dentures consist of false teeth and false gums that fit over your natural gums in order to complete your smile. They might replace all your bottom teeth, all your top teeth, or both. Your dentures will be custom-made to fit your mouth comfortably and give you the solution you need. Dentures are usually made from hard resin, though they were often made from porcelain or plastic in the past.

Keeping Dentures Clean

Whether temporary or permanent, partial or complete, your dentures need to be cleaned every day. Just like you brush natural teeth daily, artificial teeth should be brushed daily too. They should be removed from the mouth to clear out any food particles, and then they should be brushed with soap or denture cleaner, not regular toothpaste. Don’t forget to clean your gums too!

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