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General Dentistry refers to maintaining your overall oral hygiene and essential dental treatments. This usually includes check-ups, cleanings, fluoride treatment, digital scanning, dental sealants, and other preventative dental services. General dentists at Coquitlam City Dentist can help you assess your needs.


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Oral Exams & New Patient Exams

Oral exams are used to determine overall dental health, bring attention to any issues, and conduct routine procedures such as X-rays. These exams ensure that everything is okay in your mouth, and if something is wrong, your dentist can spot it and start treatment as soon as possible. Catching issues early on is key as it allows for the widest range of treatment options.

Dental Hygiene Appointments

Though dental hygiene is something you can practice at home, it is still recommended to pay the dentist a visit to boost your dental hygiene even more. These appointments can help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and periodontal disease and help you keep up oral cancer screenings. Your dentist or hygienist will be able to tailor appointments to your individual needs too.

smiling man at the dentist
smiling man at the dentist

Gum Grafting

Your dentist may recommend gum grafting if your gums have receded, become thin or diseased. Gum disease can eventually lead to the loss of teeth, so grafting can be an excellent preventative measure to replace lost tissue and preserve teeth. If you think gum grafting might help you, speak to your Coquitlam City Dentist.

Oral Cancer Screening

Screening for oral cancer is important for helping catch cancer early to allow for the most effective treatment. Your dentist will look for irregularities in the mouth tissue as well as in your face, neck and jaw. This screening is completed during your regular check-up, but if you notice anything unusual between visits, mention it to your dentist.

smiling man at the dentist
smiling man at the dentist

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an excellent way to keep your teeth safe from bacteria and decay. The sealants are applied directly to the teeth and are highly effective as a preventative measure against decay. Dental sealants are a great preventative measure used for children and youth.

Dental X-Rays

X-rays are usually conducted during regular appointments and are essential for examining tooth and jaw health. In this procedure, dentists can examine important areas of the mouth that are not usually visually accessible. If any abnormalities are found through X-rays, you and your dentist can determine your treatment plans.

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smiling man at the dentist

Root Canals

Root canals are a common dental procedure used to help preserve teeth and tackle tough decay for infected teeth. While more invasive than your typical tooth filling, root canals can prevent more pain and more complex procedures in the future, such as tooth extraction. They will also help relieve mouth pain, temperature sensitivity and gum pain.

Teeth Extractions

Though we do our best to prevent the need for tooth extraction, it is necessary in some cases. Extracting a tooth can help prevent further damage in the mouth, and sometimes teeth need to come out to make way for other treatments. And, of course, an extremely common extraction is wisdom tooth removal. At Coquitlam City Dentist, we do our best to make you feel comfortable with the tooth extraction process.

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