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These nearly invisible aligners help straighten your teeth without anyone knowing until one day they realize you have a perfect smile! They are a completely removable form of orthodontics and are relatively comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. People of all ages can receive aligner therapy to correct misalignments, and both simple and complex orthodontic issues can be solved.

Types of Misalignment

How do you know if you need clear aligner therapy? Your teeth can be misaligned in a number of different ways, from your bite to minor rotations. A crossbite may involve multiple top teeth sitting behind the bottom when they shouldn’t, but some still sit in front of the bottom teeth. In an underbite, most of the top teeth sit behind the protruding lower jaw. An overbite involves top teeth sitting too far forwards, and gaps or crowded teeth should be realigned.

Aligners vs. Braces

Clear aligner therapy has many benefits over traditional orthodontics. For example, they are removable, and there are no food restrictions. It is much easier to keep both the appliances and your regular teeth clean, and your teeth should realign in the same amount of time as with braces, provided that you regularly wear the aligners as directed by your dentist.

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