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Oral surgery can help with a number of issues, from missing teeth to misaligned jawbones to facial trauma. Oral surgeons can also assist with procedures such as wisdom teeth removal for patients who wish to receive general anesthetic but cannot at their regular dentist’s office. Oral surgeons require additional study and practice after completing dental school to receive their specialization.

What Do Oral Surgeons Do?

Some of the most common surgeries completed by oral surgeons are wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement, TMJ surgery, facial reconstruction surgeries, sleep apnea treatment, jaw surgery, tumour and cyst removal, and oral cancer surgery. Since they cover such a wide range of dental issues and treatments, your dentist will refer you to a surgeon if they deem it necessary.


Though oral surgery is a specialization itself, there are even finer specializations that can be chosen within the discipline and require additional years of schooling. Some surgeons specialize in head and neck cancer, cosmetic surgery, craniofacial surgery (which focuses on cleft lip repair), or craniomaxillofacial trauma (injuries to the face, head, and neck, both soft tissue and skeletal).

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