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Despite the popularity of Invisalign and clear aligner therapy, traditional metal bracket and wire braces are still very common. Wires are threaded through brackets and tightened over time to move the teeth to their correct positions. Everyone’s mouth is unique, but braces are typically worn for at least a year or two. However, the better they are taken care of, the sooner they may be able to come off.

When Are Braces Better?

For severely crooked or rotated teeth, braces will likely provide a more effective solution. They also work well for fixing bite issues, especially overbites. Braces can have a lot of power to move even the most stubborn of teeth, and they are less limited than Invisalign on how many teeth can be moved at once. However, it is important to speak to your dentist about what works best for you.

Caring for Braces

It is important to follow the directions of your orthodontist for best results in the duration of your treatment. The directions given are all meant to make treatment easier and low-stress. Avoiding certain foods will help your wires stay tucked away, and keeping your teeth and braces clean will ensure a beautiful smile when your braces come off.

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