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Though we do our best to prevent the need for tooth extraction, it is necessary in some cases. Extracting a tooth can help prevent further damage in the mouth, and sometimes teeth need to come out to make way for other treatments. And, of course, an extremely common extraction is wisdom tooth removal. At Coquitlam City Dentist, we do our best to make you feel comfortable with the tooth extraction process.

What Happens During Extraction?

Knowing what the procedure will involve can help you feel more prepared for your appointment. Your dentist will begin with a local anesthetic before cutting away gums to provide access to the tooth requiring extraction. The dentist will remove the tooth as a whole or in pieces, usually applying pressure to loosen it. When the tooth is gone, your gum will be sewn up and covered in gauze.

What Happens Afterwards?

Your dentist will help guide you through the specifics of aftercare, but there are usually standard instructions. However, listen to the advice of your dentist over anything else since they are the experts. After surgery, there will be some pain and swelling in the mouth, and eating will prove difficult. Avoid drinking with a straw or smoking since the action could dislodge important blood clots and hinder the healing process.

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