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Some oral health issues require more attention than a regular dental appointment. Services such as oral surgery, oral radiology, endodontics, periodontics, and more may be needed to help maintain your oral health. At Coquitlam City Dentist, we work with a network of dental specialists and professionals to ensure you have all the care you need for your oral health.


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Endodontics involves the study and care of dental pulp, which is inside the tooth. Endodontists often handle issues with tooth and root infections and perform complex root canals. Coquitlam City Dentist does perform root canals, but endodontists have more specialized expertise, and your dentist can refer you to one when needed.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery refers to mouth and jaw surgery. These surgeries can be more complex than the more general procedures conducted at Coquitlam City Dentist. These surgeries could involve the treatment of oral cancer, oral and facial reconstruction, and jaw correction. When our dentists believe you may benefit from a type of oral or maxillofacial surgery, we will make a referral to our professional partners.

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Oral Medicine

Oral medicine focuses on disorders and diseases associated with the mouth, such as oral cancer, temporomandibular disorders, and salivary gland diseases. This is a bridge between dentistry and medicine, and if you have chronic oral health issues, you may benefit from visiting an oral medicine specialist, and you can receive a referral from Coquitlam City Dentist.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is similar to oral medicine but is even more specialized to focus specifically on the diagnosis of oral diseases and disorders. Pathology is the study of the causes of diseases, and many pathologists work in laboratory environments to identify diseases from tissue taken from biopsies. Oral pathologists look at irregular lumps, swelling, skin patches, ulcers, and other abnormalities on the mouth, head, and neck.

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Oral Radiology

Radiology is a sub-section of science and medicine that focuses on taking X-rays and digital images, analyzing those images and making diagnoses. Oral radiologists are specialized in X-rays of the mouth. They are experts in reading diagnostic imaging and can catch concerns in scans and X-rays that some dentists might miss. In more complex patient situations, a dentist may call on an oral radiologist for assistance.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can help with a number of issues, from missing teeth to misaligned jawbones to facial trauma. Oral surgeons can also assist with procedures such as wisdom teeth removal for patients who wish to receive general anesthetic but cannot at their regular dentist’s office. Oral surgeons require additional study and practice after completing dental school to receive their specialization.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses specifically on caring for the oral health of children from the infant stage to adulthood. Family-oriented dentists often offer pediatric dental services to accommodate clients with children. Pediatric dentists know how to guide patients through the development of the mouth as adult teeth come in and the jaw grows. They are excellent at treating dental issues in children.


Periodontists focus on the health of the jawbone and gums, which act as supports for your teeth. In addition to dental school, periodontists receive extra training for their specialization. Your dentist may refer you to a periodontist for specialized, expert care.

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Prosthodontists handle everything to do with dental prosthetics, which includes dental implants and dentures. Advanced training has helped them become experts in restoring missing teeth, so they know a lot about restorative dentistry. If you’re missing some teeth and want to work towards restoring your natural smile, a dentist can refer you to a prosthodontist to help you out.

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