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Oral Radiology in Coquitlam

Radiology is a sub-section of science and medicine that focuses on taking X-rays and digital images, analyzing those images and making diagnoses. Oral radiologists are specialized in X-rays of the mouth. They are experts in reading diagnostic imaging and can catch concerns in scans and X-rays that some dentists might miss. In more complex patient situations, a dentist may call on an oral radiologist for assistance.

Why is it Important?

Dental imaging can reveal many things that are not visible to the naked eye. There are lots of important clues in images that, if missed, could lead to an incorrect diagnosis. With the help of oral radiologists, the right clues can be spotted since they are specially trained to find details that others might miss.

Under the Surface

Many causes of tooth pain and sensitivity happen below the surface of your gums. If you are experiencing mouth pain, it’s a good idea to speak to your dentist. We can look for abnormalities that you can’t see and take images or scans to look under the surface of the skin and gums.

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