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Dental Bridges are another excellent way to help restore your natural smile. You may find it difficult to smile confidently and eat certain foods when you have missing teeth. Dental bridges are meant to close those gaps and improve your quality of life by creating the smile you’ve been missing. This form of restorative dentistry is quite common, and our dentists are well-equipped to guide you through the process.

How Do They Work?

The bridge that closes the gap between your teeth is first supported by either your natural teeth or implants, so your dentist will make a plan with you based on your individual situation. Dental crowns are placed on the supporting teeth, and the porcelain material blends in with the other teeth. Bridges can be temporary or permanent, and there are a few different types to fit different situations.

Types of Bridges

Every patient is different, which is why there are a few different types of dental bridges available to fit different types of patients. The most common is the traditional bridge, which consists of a false tooth placed between two supporting natural teeth with dental crowns. Maryland bridges aren’t much different, but the supports are behind the teeth instead of on top as crowns. Cantilever bridges only require one supporting tooth and implant bridges use dental implants as supports.

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