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Dental Fillings are used to both repair damage caused by tooth decay and to help prevent that decay from spreading. They are very common procedures, and if you’ve ever had a cavity, you’ve probably had a filling. Fillings are quick to perform. They can also relieve pain caused by tooth decay and cavities, so with a simple filling, your smile can get back to normal!

How Do They Work?

Fillings can be completed in just one appointment. Your dentist will start by numbing the area around your tooth so they can begin removing the decay. The decay will be dealt with using various dental instruments. Once the cavity has been cleaned out, your dentist can apply the filling, which is made of composite resin. A special blue light is used to quickly harden the material, and that’s it!

Caring for Fillings

The best way to care for your fillings is to keep up your recommended oral hygiene habits, such as flossing regularly and brushing. Fillings are meant to be permanent, but they don’t last forever. Over time or due to incidents, you may need to have your filling replaced. When your filling breaks, becomes loose or causes pain, contact your dentist to have it replaced.

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